Fancy A Trip To Space? Here Are Some Amazing Advancements In Technology

Written by: Irwin

Transport or automobiles were created for the need of a human being to travel. That very idea and implementation of a horse pulling a small cart has lead to the invention of a small engine that drives cars.

The idea of an engine has further developed to internal combustion engines to hybrids till the fast, modern electric cars of today. Similar technology has been used to power transport on land, water, and air. But modern technology has taken that further, going beyond the earth's atmosphere into space, in the form of rockets.

Now, there is a company that is taking people like you and me (provided we have enough greens) to space, for a jolly trip. The company is called Blue Origin and expects to launch its first passengers to space by 2017.

Here are more interesting facts about Blue Origin, it's space travel, and other cool must knowns.

Blue Origin was founded by Jeff Bezos, the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of, in the year 2000.

The company's aim is to help normal humans to access space. The company is also developing technologies on rocket-powered Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing.

Blue Origin has already built and flown a reusable rocket called the New shepard. The first developmental test flight of the New Shepard was 29 April 2015. It reached an altitude of just over 93.5 km.

Another flight was performed on 23 November 2015, and on January 22, 2016 Blue Origin flew the same Shepard booster that was launched and landed vertically in November 2015, demonstrating reuse. This time the rocket reached an altitude of 101.7 km and landed safe.

The vast majority of funding to support the company's technology development and operations at Blue Origin has come from Jeff Bezos' private investment, which is over USD 500 million by March 2016.

The New Shepard has 530 cubic feet of space inside, that can seat six astronauts and has large windows that transmit 92 percent light.

Till date, over 1000 people have expressed interest with Blue Origin to travel to the space. Taking this into consideration, travel to space for a quick holiday does seem very close.

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