Video: Train Smashes Into FedEx Truck — On Time Delivery Chances Get Obliterated

A passenger train crashes into the back of a FedEx truck after it came onto the tracks thanks to a malfunctioning railroad crossing.

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A FedEx truck driver had a rather lucky escape after his truck's rear end had a rather unfortunate meeting with an angry passenger train.

The cause of the unfortunate mashup was North Salt Lake in the American state of Utah where it had snowed. The snow and the cold temperatures led to a malfunctioning railroad crossing system which instead of being in the "down and active" position when there's a power outage or no signal (as was the case because of the snow) was in the exact opposite position.

Thankfully nothing happened to either the truck driver or the train which powered through what must have been the softest part of the truck. We can't really say the same about the parcels that were out for delivery.

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