25 Coolest Helmet Designs From Around The World

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Helmets are a very essential part of motorcycling. They not just protect, they save lives. So, since it is must, why should it not match the kind of personality you have and that expensive and time consuming paint job that your motorcycle recently had?

Well, here is a look at 25 such helmets, which have not only a cool paint job but jwellery, air brush strokes, mohawks, and even glow-in-the-dark safety lights. Did we mention gas masks and superhero replicas?

Here is a look at the top 25 helmet designs from around the world:

25. Batman Helmet:

This is a perfect helmet to go along with the Batman riding outfit. Why not ride like the Dark Knight and may be even save a couple of people along the ride?

24. Iron Man Helmet:

This comes down to personal preference with superheroes. Tony Stark's Iron Man helmet will make a good choice too!

23. Optimus Prime Helmet:

Since superhero helmets are in fashion, Optimus Prime helmet is not a bad idea at all.

22. Bumble Bee Helmet:

Looking like a yellow life saving robot from outer space is a good choice of helmet as well. After all, who dislikes Bumble Bee from Transformers?

21. Realistic Skull Helmets:

These creepy looking helmets are made by Devil Tail Customs. The bare skull headgear behind bars is sure to catch attention.

20. Wood Helmets:

Helmets made out of wood are trending as well. These helmets are made up of Bamboo, by Roof. This is one way to go green.

19. Shiney Bull Horn Helmets:

If helmets with bull horns don't attract enough attention, why not make it all glittery and shiny so you will get noticed.

18. 3D Skull Helmets:

If realistic looking skull helmets don't seem to scare the daylights out of people, these 3D Skull helmets could.

17. Lightmode Helmets:

So far, the first truly useful helmet in our list. These helmets use EL (Electro-Luminescent) wire to light up the helmet in the dark, that will give one added visibility and make riding in the dark safer.

16. Carbon Fibre Helmets:

Lightweight, very strong, good looking but expensive. These are not a bad choice at all, though.

15. Diamonds & Crystal On A Helmet:

Well, since diamonds are a girl's best friend, a helmet with loads of diamonds and crystals is no surprise.

14. Joker Helmet:

The Joker helmet is a very interesting piece of artwork. In spite of the paint job, one still gets clear vision from through the visor.

13. Halo Master Chief Helmet:

Motorcycle helmets based on video games are part of the happening world as well. This is a Halo Master Chief helmet.

12. Predator Helmet:

This genuinely creeps out kids. The Predator helmet has been around for sometime now and those dreadlocks can disturb adults too.

11. Star Wars Helmet:

As copies of helmets go, Star Wars look-alikes are a good choice as well. What better way to show you are a die-hard fan of Star Wars!

10. Fallout Helmet:

This is another one out of a video game, Fallout. This would express your faith and dedication to the video game.

9. Reevu Helmet:

The Heads-up-Display offers a real-time display of what is going on behind you. How about that!

8. Smiley Helmet:

Yep, riding sometimes gets frustrating. So why not let your helmet hide your real emotions and smile for you?

7. Creative Design:

This could catch anybody off guard. These creative helmets are made by Good. Very creative ideas indeed.

6. Luxy Vespa Helmets:

These helmets by Daniel Don Chang is a true work of art! This adds a bit of class.

5. Jeans Finished Helmet:

This is a very good designer accessory rather than a head gear. These jeans cannot be washed.

4. Valentino Rossi’s ‘Scream’ Imitation Helmet:

Valentino Rossi made quite the scream with his 'face helmet' at Mugello back in 2008. Now AGV has decided to spread the customized lid to everyone else, with a personalized touch.

3. Santa Claus Helmet:

There is a Santa Claus inspired helmet too!

2. The Hulk Helmet:

The angry green face of the Hulk is being opted for as well. Again, very good skills.

1. The Skully AR-1:

Did anyone expect this? The Skully AR-1 is connecting the gap between automotive technology and motorcycling by offering a helmet with Bluetooth, HUD (Heads-Up Display), sat-nav and more.

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