Top 10 Vehicles Owned By WWE Superstars Till Date

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Almost every superstar around the globe either loves two-wheelers or four-wheelers. When they purchase a vehicle, it usually is something unique or special to them in some form.

Today we show you the Top 10 vehicles of WWE Superstars ranked according to us. You are surely in for a surprise as most of them are very unique and there are some exuberant models as well.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson & His Chevrolet Chevelle!

Dwayne Johnson or The Rock as he is popularly known as was one of the first to breakout of WWE and have a successful Hollywood career. The wrestler/actor has several vehicles in his garage, which includes a Ford F150 pickup truck, Audi R8, Aston Martin Vanquish Volante and a few more. His favourite by far has to be an American Muscle car, the Chevy Chevelle.

Randy Orton ‘The Apex Predator’ & His Hummer!

Randy Orton is one of the most talented and feared Superstars in WWE history. He is popularly known as The Apex Predator, Viper and even as Legend Killer. Such an athlete needs to have an intimidating vehicle as well and Randy Orton uses a Hummer H2 Dub, which is a limited edition model.

Eddie Guerrero & His Low Rider’s!

WWE Superstar from Mexico, the late Eddie Guerrero was a popular wrestler in his time, his philosophy was simple - ‘Lie, Cheat & Steal'. He was also known for his entrance to the ring with his Low Riders, which he would change frequently. Eddie Guerrero's Low Rider would hop, balance on two wheels and could go low to the ground.

Stone Cold Steve Austin & His Monster Truck!

Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the most brash and outspoken wrestlers of his era. He would do whatever he felt like doing, which included beating up anyone, drinking beer in the ring and parking his vehicles where he pleased. He was also famous for owning Monster Trucks, which he also used in WWE to demolish and intimidate his opponents at times.

‘The Animal’ Dave Batista & His Car Collection!

Dave Batista or The Animal as he is known as is an automobile enthusiast and loves his four-wheelers. He has everything from a Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, BMW, Hummer and many more. The wrestler likes each and every car he owns and has admitted on several occasions that it is new models that excite him and tempt him into purchasing them.

‘The Game’ Triple H & His Car Collection!

Triple H or The Game as he is better known as does not wrestle full time, however, he is developing new talent for WWE future. He too has an extensive list of vehicles in his possession and loves driving them when he can. Triple H currently owns only the luxury models of Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. In his younger days he was a huge fan of limousines and the Hummer as well.

John Bradshaw Layfield ‘JBL’ & His Limousine!

John Bradshaw Layfield or JBL as he is known as was a dominant character, when he was part of the APA Protection group. He has won several titles over the years and is currently doing commentary for WWE Raw TV show. During his career he made sure that he travelled in style and made famous his limousine that adorned actual Bull Horns over the bonnet.

The Undertaker & His Bike Collection!

The Undertaker does own a few cars, however, he is a bigger fan of his custom motorcycles. During his gimmick as the ‘American Badass', he only rode on custom choppers. It was soon evident that he loved these motorcycles and they also suited the 7-foot Phenom.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan & His Dodge Viper!

Hulk Hogan, who was also known as Hollywood Hulk Hogan is fan favourite American wrestler, who worked in several companies including WWE. He has an extensive list of vehicles all of which are either Red & Yellow, Only Red or only Yellow. He owns a Dodge Charger SRT8(Yellow), 2010 Chevy Camaro(Yellow/Red) and a Dodge Viper(Red/Yellow). His favourite has to be the 1968 Dodge Challenger(Red).

John Cena & His 1970 Plymouth Superbird!

John Cena has the biggest collection of vehicles in his possession, it is so vast that he cannot park them in his property any more. The list of vehicles include 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger, 1969 AMC AMX, 1970 Ford Gran Torino, 2007 Dodge Charger, Brand New Ford Mustang and many more. John Cena's favourite and even ours has to be the 1970 Plymouth Superbird model.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 14:52 [IST]
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