Top 10 Mysterious Car Crashes

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Accidents are common occurrences in modern days. There are many incidences about people getting involved in accidents like high speed collisions, falling asleep while driving, drunk or just plain acts of idiocy.

Many of these incidents leave people with just a bad memory of what happened, some incidents lead to people even losing their lives.

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Here we take a look at the most mysterious accidents that have ever happened and a few cases where there is just no answer to questions raised.

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10. Kyle Peterson

According to Kyle's mother, Kyle was unhappy about a few things in his life. On February 24, 2014, Kyle was driving through Troutdale, Oregon in his SUV when he went into a guardrail after taking his eyes off the road for a few moments.

When police arrived, they saw the young man was fine but strangely, he got back into his SUV and started revving it. Then he just got off the car and ran into a heavily wooded area and never seen until much later when he was found dead in a river close by.

Why he went into the woods after the crash still remains a mystery.

9. Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings was a reporter, covering the Iraq war for news week. His fiancee was killed in a road bombing while he was there. One early morning on June 18, 2013, Hastings's Mercedes C250 slammed into a palm tree and burst into flames, killing him.

While this could have been just an accident, Michael's friends thought of it otherwise. Just before his death, he emailed colleagues and also warned them that he had found something big and the FBI was talking to them.

Theories suggest that his car was taken control remotely and crashed. The FBI denied any connection with this.

8. Geoffrey Wilson

In 2013, 29 year old Geoffrey Wilson was in St.Louis to attend a friend wedding. On the night of May 24, he and a friend went to a bar for a few drinks. After a few drinks, Geoffrey told his friend he was going to get his SUV that he had rented. After a while, when Geoffrey didn't return, his friend thought he had left and got a cab.

Just after Geoffrey had left the bar, 911 had received a call saying an SUV had crashed into a fire hydrant. When police arrived, they saw Geoffrey in the car badly injured, internally as well as externally. The police suggest that Geoffrey, who was drunk, left the car in neutral and got out when the SUV rolled to him, he managed to push away the car and collapsed once he got back in.

But Geoffrey's family disagree saying there might have been foul play and still remains unsolved till date.

7. Patricia Meehan

On 20th April, 1989 Patricia Meehan, a 37 year old met with an accident involving another vehicle near Circle, Montana. The dazed lady got out of the car, crossed over a field and walked away, never to be heard of again.

Her parents are still on the look out for her and say that she did run away from home before as well. They say that she could have had amnesia after the crash and wondered off. A few people claim that they have seen her but nothing to provide enough details as to whether it was patricia.

A few years later, a woman was arrested named Morning Star. Police thought it could be Patricia but her parents confirmed that it wasn't her. Patricia still remains missing till date.

6. Oldnall Road Accidents

This short stretch of road in England is termed as The Black Spot by residents. Driver have claimed seeing a ghostly figure of a young girl which makes them swerve and crash their vehicles. In 2008, paranormal researchers stepped in only to be baffled and were not able to give any logical explanation.

Although sightings have seemed to reduce, in December 2011, there were four car accidents in a matter of three days. Police say that the roads were wet due to weather but the drivers claim that there was not the road surface that caused the accidents.

5. Grateful Doe

On June 26, 1995, a Volkswagen Vanagon had crashed pretty bad after it veered off the road. The occupants, two males were killed instantly as they were launched half way through the windshield. The driver and the owner was identified as Michael Hager, 21 years old.

The co-passenger on the other hand, had no identification on him and his face was so damaged that the police did not release a picture of him either. The co passenger was not any of Hagar's friends and is suspected to have hitched a ride.

The young Grateful Doe has not been identified till date. DNA does not match anything in record. A facial reconstruction, pictured here, which was released by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children to hope that someone will recognize him.

4. Willie McRae

A prominent lawyer in Glasgow, a powerful anti-nuclear campaigner and a senior figure in the Scottish National Party, McRae was a legend in his own lifetime. On the 4th of April, 1986, McRae's apartment caught on fire, which McRae said had started when he fell asleep with a lit cigarette in his mouth. The fire was extinguished and McRae himself had passed out due to smoke inhalation.

The next day, he told his neighbours that he was going to his cottage in Kintail while his apartment was being repaired and his body was found with a gunshot to his head. It was first ruled out saying it was a suicide but later, it was found that the gun was found some distance away from the car, with no finger prints or proof that McRae owned the gun. The question still remains, did he kill himself or was he murdered?

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3. Christene Skubish

On the 24 of June, 1990, Christene and her son Nick met with a horrible accident when they went off the road and hit a tree 40 feet below. The vehicle was there for five days before the authorities found it.

The mangled car wasn't found until a couple who were driving past saw the body of a naked woman lying on the side of the road.

Finally when the authorities found the car, the police found Nick, still in the car, who was naked and was suffering from hypothermia and Christene on the other hand was dead, crushed under the tree she hit. This ruled out the possibility of the naked woman who the couple saw being Christene but they were sure it was a woman they saw on the side of the road. It could not have been Nick either, who could not have possibly made it out of the car to stop people.

Some believe that the naked woman was the ghost of Christene, trying to save her son.

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2. George S. Patton

One of the most famous and most colorful generals in the history of the United States Army, his illustrious career came to a sudden end on December 8, 1945. On a trip to pheasant hunt near Speyer, a GMC truck turned unexpectedly and the Cadillac George Patton was travelling had to brake. This impact left George with a broken neck.

Admitted to the hospital, he was recovering when he passed away due to heart failure. Immediately, speculations started that the General was murdered. One theory is that Patton was targeted by his own government. According to this theory, Patton was going to release details about collusion between the Allies and the Soviet Union which resulted in the deaths of a number of Americans.

1. Princess Diana

This was one of the most shocking tragedies of the 1990s. When the Mercedes they were travelling in had just entered the Alma tunnel it slammed head-on into the tunnel's 13th pillar. An hour later, Diana's ambulance finally reached the hospital, but she had already had a heart attack. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Since none of the 14 cameras in the tunnel was able to pick up any footage at all, there were many questions as to what if there was another car that was involved that caused the Mercedes to crash.

Another theory claims that a bright flash caused Paul, the driver of the Mercedes to swerve into the pillar. Three witnesses testified that they saw such a flash immediately before the crash. However, this one is controversial, since many other witnesses didn't see any flash. If a flash was bright enough to blind Paul, everyone in the tunnel should have noticed.

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