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Movies have always portrayed cars in an totally different aspect. While many people just look at cars as a mere mode of commuting, movies have shown us that cars need not just be modes of transport but also worthy companions.

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Here in our list, we take a look at a few cars that have appeared in movies and proved that they were not simply modes of getting around, but they created a lasting impression on us. Whether they were just plain getaway cars or cars that helped keep the bad guys under control, these cars were truly iconic.

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10. Bumble Bee

At number 10 is the guardian robot - Bumble Bee, disguised as a Chevrolet Camaro. An Autobot hiding amongst normal people as a car is something not expected at all. This is one of the coolest cars as it can transform into a robot that saves the earth or just drive you around when you can just relax and enjoy the drive.

9.Ghost Busters

The 1959 Cadillac or the Ecto 1 was the famous car used by the Ghost Busters. This ambulance-hearse styled car was highly modified to carry the proton packs of the team that went out chasing and capturing ghosts.

8. Back To The Future

Currently on display in the Studio Tour at Universal Studios in Hollywood, the DeLorean DMC-12 was the time machine used in the movie series, Back To The Future. Dr.Emmett Brown, builds this time machine that runs on electricity which is produced by a nuclear reaction. Even though the original car which came with gull wing doors it was actually a flop, the movie made it famous.

7. Herbie

This 1963 model Volkswagen Beetle, that has a mind of its own and can drive itself had some serious race DNA. With the very famous red white and blue racing stripes and the number 53 on the front, Herbie was truly an iconic car from the movies.

6. Mad Max

At number six, is the Australian Interceptor, Mad Max. This 1974 Ford Falcon that was featured in the movie Mad Max was a limited edition hard top that was sold in Australia. This was definitely a cool car that was used to keep law and order.

5. Knight Rider

When forces of evil had to be fought by a lone man, it definitely required an artificially intelligent as well as an indestructible supercar. The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was the only solution when direct action might provide the only feasible solution. This 1982 sports model cost USD 100,000 to be built for Knight Rider.

4. The Fast And The Furious

For those who wondered, at number four we have the 900 horsepower Dodge Charger from the original Fast and the Furious movie. The car that gave Dom the shivers, after his dad passed away racing it, can pull wheelies off the start line and whoop the Supra with ease.

3. Batman

When people talk about Batman, everybody instantly thinks of the Tumbler. Well, wonder how many remember the original Batmobile that evolved to become the Tumbler? This classic anti-villain car is actually a 1955 Lincon Futura Concept car that cost USD 30,000 to remodel during the year 1965. It was built and designed by Bill Schmidt, Doug Poole Sr., John Najjar and their design team at the Lincoln Styling Department.

2. Sky Fall

At number two is the very iconic Aston Martin DB5 used by the British Secret Service Agent, Bond, James Bond. This car was used in a number of James Bond movies, including the latest, Skyfall. Just the fact that this was the same model used in the movies was enough to give the DB5 very good sales figures.

1. Gone In 60 Seconds

At the number one spot is Eleanor from the movie Gone In 60 Seconds. The 1967 Ford Mustang was customized by Steve Stanford. The high speed chase toward the end of this movie is nothing but pure adrenaline rush mainly because of the car which became a much-loved icon among automobile enthusiasts.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 16:29 [IST]
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