North Korea Has Lost A Submarine! Here Are Some Highlights

Written by: Irwin

As weird as it sounds, yeah. North Korea has reported a missing submarine, according to sources, and the country has issued a fresh threat of violence against the US and South Korean forces.

The submarine was operating off the North Korean coast earlier this week before reported missing. According to a report by CNN, US officials are not sure if the submarine is adrift or it has sunk. But officials believe that the submarine could have suffered a failure.

The North Korean army has a fleet of 70 submarines. Think that is a lot for one country? Here's a list of top 10 countries with the largest submarine fleets. The list includes nuclear powered submarines and conventionally powered (Diesel-Electric) vessels.

10. Greece

Greece is in the tenth place, and the country has a fleet of 11 submarines. Soon, Greece will have more submarines as part of their fleet as there are more being built.

9. Turkey

Turkey comes in at the ninth place, having a submarine fleet of 13 vessels. The Turkish Navy has an active personnel strength of 48,600.

8. India

India is the fourth biggest world power when it comes to armed forces, and also has 14 submarines in its fleet. India also has one ‘Akula' class submarine, which is nuclear powered attack vessel.

7. South Korea

The South Korean forces take the seventh place, with a fleet of 15 submarines. The South Korean submarines are capable of launching Harpoon missiles, that are capable of destroying ships and other objects on land. They are all weather missiles.

6. Japan

Japan comes in next, at the sixth place with 17 submarines as part of the country's defence system. All 17 submarines are attack vessels and are fully equipped to sink any ship that poses a threat to Japan.

5. Iran

Taking the fifth place is Iran, with a fleet of 33 submarines. The Middle Eastern country's submarine fleet also includes 3 Russian-built Kilo-class submarines patrolling the Persian Gulf.

4. Russia

Russia comes in next, with a fleet that is made up of 60 submarines. The country has always relied on submarines as one of their main choices when it comes to water.

3. China

China is a big country and has an extensive coastline. To guard the coast line and defend the country, China has a fleet of 68 submarines. The fleet consists of both, both nuclear-powered and conventionally-powered submarines.

2. North Korea

North Korea too, has both nuclear-powered and conventionally-powered submarines and their fleet consists of 70 submarines. Now that one has been reported missing, the fleet is cut down by one, to 69. Still impressive for a small country.

1. USA

The United States of America stands first in terms of global power and in terms of Submarine fleet. The country has a total of 75 nuclear-powered and conventionally-powered vessels that guard and defend the country.

Source: Wiki Commons

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Story first published: Monday, March 14, 2016, 10:29 [IST]
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