Top 10 Coolest Jobs In The Auto World

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Working in the auto world has always been a dream job to many. Just words like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, MV Agusta, Bugatti is enough to give goose bumps or speed up heart rates for many.

So has anyone ever wondered what the coolest job in the auto industry is? Well, here is our list of the 10 most coolest jobs in the auto industry. Nothing can get better than the number one job in our list!

10. Supercar Engine Builder:

Building engines is an art but imagine being able to build fast, powerful engines. This is surely a very cool job. Cars like the Mercedes AMG GT and Nissan GT-R have hand built engines. AMG cars also have a tag of whom the engine was built by and the signature of that person.

9. Vintage Car Restorer:

Vintage cars are beauties. But age takes a toll on them and people who are able to rebuild them to the exact original specs are obviously very talented people. If it weren't for these restorers, many cars would have been lost in time and the world would have not seen some of the cars at all!

8. Custom Car Builder:

If one thinks designing a car is great, re-designing is cool! A very creative mind and the willingness to try the untried is what custom car builders have. Designers like Chip Foose have created masterpieces beyond an average human's imagination.

7. Royal Family Chauffeur:

Imagine all one has to do is drive around a super luxury car and get paid loads of cash! Being the chauffeur for the Royal family is very cool. The country relies on the Queen and the Queen relies on her Chauffeur.

6. Auto Show Babes:

Why not? Why not wear the skimpiest outfit available and pose next to beautiful vehicles with people ogling you like they have never seen curves? That's got to be one job that gets you noticed!

5. Company CEO:

If getting down and dirty is not your kind of work, command others to do it. That is exactly what CEOs like Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, the Chairman of the Board of Management (CEO) of Volkswagen AG do, and in return, they get to take home enough earnings to buy a new car every month.

Estimated salary: $25 million per annum

4. Dyno Bench Tester:

Imagine sitting all day in front of a laptop, but in a supercar strapped down to the dyno and revved to the limit, which sees you getting out, looking at the car's owner and saying, "Needs more power". That is a good way to make some bucks.

3. Formula One Safety Car Driver:

This job has been carried out by Bernd Maylander since 2000. It's his job to to keep the pace during the safety period just high enough so that the Formula One cars' tyres and brakes do not cool down too much.

2. MotoGP Test Rider:

If anyone thinks racing a motorcycle is the coolest job in the world, then think of the person who test rides their motorcycles before the races and helps with bike development. MotoGP Test Riders are often the reason behind successful MotoGP racers.

Now, this must have left people wondering what the coolest job in the world must be that is related to the auto world. Well, you can find out in the next slide.

1. Editor—DriveSpark

Yes. Quite possibly the coolest job in the whole world ever! I get to write about cars, motorcycles, and drive and ride them as well. The best way to expand automobile knowledge and implement skills learned along the way.

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