Top 10 Cars Women Are Most Attracted Towards

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Every year several new vehicles are launched globally, however, a handful of them are really appreciated by all. Most of the time people dislike the design and shape of a particular vehicle.

Automobile manufacturers spend a lot of time and money in design development of a product. It is one of the most difficult jobs to create a product that will be liked and admired by a majority.

There are a few exotic brands and luxury brands that keep getting the recipe right with their vehicles. Here is a list of the top 10 vehicles that women find most attractive across the globe.

In 10th Place is The Jeep Wrangler!

There is something about women and off-road vehicles, they just cannot stop admiring these open vehicles. Wrangler by Jeep is one of the oldest off-road vehicles on offer, it has been modernised and maintains its originality.

In 9th Place is The Hummer!

Over the years several variations of the Hummer have been introduced for various markets. It's a vehicle that is associated with people who command power and dominance over others. The Hummer is huge and was used as a combat vehicle by the US Military. It is perhaps all these factors that make women admire the Hummer and crave a quick drive in this mammoth utility vehicle.

In 8th Place is The BMW M6 Cabriolet!

Women just love cars without roofs, it's a great way to be seen in a supercar. The M6 Cabriolet from BMW is an excellent example of this. Fast car, open roof, wind in your hair - these are the true pleasures of living life king size.

In 7th Place is The Maserati!

Italians surely know how to design vehicles that will look good for a lifetime. Maserati has constantly delivered models that have stood the test of time. They have smooth lines and flowing designs, that look awesome even while standing still. Women too love the exquisite body lines and sculpted bodywork of Maserati supercars.

In 6th Place is The Porsche!

Porsche vehicles usually have a common design among their supercar models. There are very minor design changes between them. Porsche engineers, however, focus on developing a good handling and sounding vehicle. It is the exhaust note that catches the attention of most, women too just love great sounding cars like Porsches.

In 5th Place is The Cadillac Eldorado!

Women are always looking for something fashionable, which will catch onlookers attention. The Cadillac Eldorado is one of the most good looking cars on this list, it breaks all traditional design philosophies set by Cadillac.

In 4th Place is The Dodge Viper!

There are a few women who also like 'bad boy' vehicles and nothing shouts 'bad boy' like the Dodge Viper. This is one of the most powerful vehicles and is desired by several muscle car fans. Dodge Viper is a supercar that is associated with individuals who love power and want to control it.

In 3rd Place is The Bugatti Veyron!

The Bugatti Veyron is one the most exotic supercars that was available in the world. The vehicle gained popularity due to its limited availability. Women love and are always looking for things that are unique and rare, whether it is clothes, accessories and several others as well.

In 2nd Place is The Ferrari GTO!

Women surely do love red supercars and there is nothing more special than a Ferrari. The Prancing Horse has always produced vehicles that have caught the attention of both men and women. The Ferrari GTO is considered as their best creation and it is one vintage car no women would miss getting into.

In 1st Place is The Lamborghini!

Lamborghini recently launched the Huracan supercar and also offers its Aventador model. Women love supercars that run close to the ground and there is nothing that does it better than Lamborghini's supercars. The Italian manufacturer builds supercas that are good looking as well as super fast.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 15, 2015, 12:31 [IST]
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