Top 10 Biggest Parking Lots In The World

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Parking lots in cities are getting packed day to day with the increase in number of cars that are being bought.

A few years ago, a simple big yard was way more than enough for cars, but nowadays, parking lots have become so sophisticated, their only aim is to hold the maximum number of cars.

Everything has been tried, from constructing multi-storey parking spaces to lifts and ramps that can hold multiple cars, stacked one on top of the other.

So, where in the world do they have big parking lots? Here is a list of top 10 biggest parking lots in the world:

10. Dallas Airport:

The Dallas airport, in the US takes the number tenth spot. This parking lot can accommodate up to 8,100 cars. Think that's massive? Wait for the number one spot in our list.

9. Baltimore Airport:

The airport parking at the Baltimore airport takes the 9th place in our list, being able to accommodate 8,400 cars. So how do you find an empty lot? Well, the ‘Smart Park' feature will let the driver know where empty slots are, so one doesn't have to keep driving around in circles to find one.

8. Toronto Airport:

At number 8 comes another airport, this time from Canada. The Toronto airport has parking space for up to 9,000 cars.

7. Chicago Airport:

Chicago Airport, with a parking capacity of up to 9,266 cars takes the 7th spot in our list of top 10 biggest parking lots in the world.

6. Disney Land:

If someone started wondering that this list is all about airport parking lots, well here is Disney Land at the 6th position, being able to hold 10,000 cars in its parking lot.

5. Universal Studios:

At number 5 is a very famous landmark-Universal Studios, Florida. Being a tourist attraction, parking space is important. The parking lot can happily accommodate 10,200 cars.

4. Disney World:

Disney World Magic Kingdom situated in Florida takes the 4 position in our list. 11.000 cars can be parked here without a hastle.

3. Detroit Airport:

In the third spot is airports again, and this place is taken by the Detroit airport since it can house 11,500 cars at the same time, without breaking a sweat.

2. Seattle—Tacoma International Airport:

The Seattle—Tacoma International Airport takes the second spot, with its 13,000-car parking garage, which is North America's largest parking structure under one roof!

1. West Edmonton Mall:

At the number one spot is neither an airport nor a theme park. It is a mall, situated in Alberta Canada—West Edmonton Mall. The parking lot can hold a whopping 20,000 cars at once!

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