Top 10 Tattoo Fails: This Is What You Should Not To Do!

Written By: Irwin

Getting a tattoo is a dream come true for many. People sometimes spend years deciding what to get as their first tattoo, and when time comes, that is the happiest moment for them. Even tattoos related to automobiles have become dream projects for many.

But some people get it wrong. Very wrong. Here are 10 such examples that prove what one should exactly not do while getting a tattoo, that too, related to automobiles.

10. Volkswagen Logo With Eagle

Considering the fact that Volkswagen is in a lot of trouble, many would refrain from getting one done. But even if you want to, why have an eagle with it?

9. Volkswagen Logo With Superman Theme?

May be the person was just confused between getting a Superman logo and a VW logo, until some dude gave him the brilliant idea of mixing both. The end result is not worth commenting on.

8. Same Car In Three Colour Schemes!

Have you ever wanted something and after buying it thought, ‘Damn, I should have picked another colour'? Seems this the case with this picture, when the person decided that the same car could look better in different colour schemes.

7. Chevy Logo With Chevy Logos

That is a Chevy logo with Chevy logos in it! And it's on fire.

6. An RPM Meter For Your Arm?

Why would you get a tattoo of an RPM meter on your arm? To check how much your arm can rev up to? Since the person got it anyway, he could have showed his arm red-lining at least.

5. A Tattoo Of A Smart Fortwo

This is like waiting 15 years for permission to get a tattoo of something mean, and finally your parents grant you that permission and you get a tattoo of Mickey Mouse with a mean face!

4. A Baby Blue Car

Look! I got a tattoo of a cool car car that has a massive scoop on the bonnet for ram-air intake. And its Baby blue!

3. Audi Logo

That is a brilliant work of art by a third grader with a sketch pen!

2. A Car Parked On Cash

The first thing one would notice is the car parked against the dude's ear on a bundle of cash. But did anyone notice the electric poles behind the car? That is detailing to the next level. Why choose electric poles and wires in the first place when there are million other things to chose from?

1. Bentley Logo

This, I will let your mind do the commenting. I seriously have no words to describe the brilliant job.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 10, 2016, 9:51 [IST]
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