These Planes Are The Secret Guardians Of The US President

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The security arrangements for the President of Unite States is a heavily guarded secret. The President is the most wanted person in the world, with terrorists and his enemies trying to take down the man in charge of America.

Whenever the President leaves Washington DC, there is a convoy of secret aircraft that guards the official convoy of Air Force One and the military transports which fly along with the convoy.

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The secret aircrafts are the unarmed Gulfstream IV VIP jets purchased in 1985. Each aircraft is powered by two Rolls-Royce Tay turbofan engines. The plane has a capacity to carry 12 to 16 passengers.

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The planes lack modern controls and instrumentation, but they are kept in top-notch condition. They are specially designed to prevent from being shot down.

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The Gulfstream IV VIP jets are known as C-20Cs and are used to rescue the travelling President to safety in case of a crisis. The planes follow the Air Force One convoy and lands at an airbase or airport an hour away from President's location.

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If war breaks out, the secret planes will pick up the President. The aircraft will move him to the ground command post spread across the United States. Other sources also state that the planes also follow the Secretary of Defense.

Picture credit: ABPIC/ @Erik Frikke

The Gulfstream jets are still favoured because of their outdated controls which are less susceptible to the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of nuclear weapons. The aircrafts are also said to be the part of Air Force's 89th Airlift Wing.

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