10 Electric Cars India Would Love To Have

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Fossil fuel has been the fuel for cars for a very long time now. It will not be for long soon. Car manufacturers have been looking and experimenting with alternate sources for fuel.

One technology that has proven effective and friendly to mother nature is electricity. It generates good power, makes no noise while running and most importantly, is eco-friendly.

This renewable source of energy proves to efficient. In India, Mahindra has taken to bold step to start selling cars that run on electricity, the e2o.

The electric car segment is not really opted for because of its range and and most importantly, there is no other choice available.

So what other options can India have? Here are 10 electric cars that could take the segment to a whole new level and save the Indian atmosphere.

1. Hyundai i10 Electric:

The fossil fuel variant is a popular choice in India. So why not bring the electric version here? The i10 electric was unveiled during the 2010 Auto Expo. It is powered by lithium polymer battery technology, seats 5 occupants and has a range of up to 160 km. It is high time for the South Korean carmaker to take a step.

2. Chevrolet E spark Electric:

This is a story of classic rivalry. Introduces during Auto Expo 2010, Chevy was to partner with REVA to launch the E spark in India, but Mahindra bought 55.2 percent stake of REVA and Chevy was left with a big disappointment since they are competitors in India. At present, the car is sold elsewhere with a power output of 130 bhp and a range of 132 km, with the help of lithium-ion batteries.

3. Nissan Leaf:

The Nissan Leaf is a hatch again, but a good looking one. Nissan has provided the car with a 110 bhp, lithium-ion battery, which has a range of 200 km. Single speed constant ratio gearbox, 5 doors and front wheel drive makes this car a hot hatch in the electric car segment.

4. Volkswagen UP!:

The e-up! rather, was unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013 and deliveries began in Germany in October the same year. It has a range of 160 km and a top speed of 130 km/h. The zero emission e-up! has the same dimensions as the petrol model, but without any emissions.

5. Mahindra Verito:

The Verito electric car by the country's largest utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra was showcased during the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo. Mahindra has plans to launch the vehicle with a 39 bhp motor which will have a top speed of 85 km/h and a range of 100 km. This second electric vehicle offering from mahindra will give customers a choice between a hatchback or a sedan.

6. Tata Indica Vista Electric:

With a range of 200 km on a full charge, the Indica Vista Electric Vehicle would be a worthy competitor for Mahindra in India. Tata has bought 50.3 percent holding of a company in Norway that specialises in the development of innovative solutions for electric vehicles. The Vista will have a top speed of 105 km/h.

7. Suzuki Every Electric:

Suzuki manufactured 13 of these vehicles to give it to dealerships as trial basis. One, even ran for 800 miles on a single charge. This could be an eco-friendly utility van.

8. Honda Jazz Electric:

The Honda Jazz, or the Fit as it also called has an electric version too! But sadly, Honda has discontinued this vehicle that has a range of 80 miles on a single charge. Honda never intended this 5 seater with a top speed of 90 miles to be anything more than a test platform and a means to comply with California's zero emission vehicle mandates.

9. Ford Focus Electric:

The Focus electric is Ford's first full electric vehicle. It was initially released to retail customers in May 2012 only in California, New York and New Jersey, in limited numbers. The car is powered by a liquid-cooled, lithium-ion battery pack that gives the car 143 hp and a range of 122 km. The drivetrain is designed by Magna International and is being engineered by Ford in cooperation with supplier Compact Power Inc.

10. Tesla S:

Why not? 360 hp, 502 km range, 225 km/h top speed and zero to 100 in 5.6 seconds. All electric power. Performance is instant and this could very well be the flagship model of electric cars itself. If you can afford a fancy car, why not spend it on an environment friendly Tesla?

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