Avril: The Bullet Train Talgo Wants To 'Make In India' — Details Revealed

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Spanish train manufacturer Talgo was the name on Indian nation's lips as its semi-high speed coaches set about breaking speed records on the railway tracks of India.

However, not content with its semi-high-speed success, Talgo is eyeing India as a long-term market for its high-speed trains.

Talgo CEO José María Oriol told the Financial Express that his company is willing to manufacture its semi-high speed and high-speed (bullet trains) coaches in India as part of the government's ambitious 'Make In India' scheme.

The fastest of the trains that Talgo wants to produce in India is called the AVRI which is short form for "Alta Velocidad Rueda Independiente Ligero" (roughly translated as "Light High-Speed Independent Wheel").

The Avril's main claim to fame is its ability to transport 600 passengers in comfort at an operating speed of 330km/h. The Avril can hit a top speed of 365km/h.

This means that if the Avril operated on the 1384 kilometre route from Delhi to Mumbai, it would take just 4 hours and 11 minutes. That time is about four and half times less than what the Rajdhani Express takes to cover the same distance.

The Avril is the world's lightest Very High-Speed Train(the so-called Bullet train). and its energy consumption is also less than that of any other train available on the high-speed market today.

This energy efficiency would help it secure a deal in India considering how energy conscious the country is slowly turning out to be.

Talgo recently won a contract to supply Spain's RENFE rail service with 15 very high-speed Avril trains.

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