From Curtains To Scissor Doors: 10 Stupid Car Alterations People Do

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Vehicle modifications or alteration is something everybody does. Be it a simple sticker to making a Mahindra Bolero look like a G Wagon. But some people take modifications a step further.

It may seem harmless, but it affects other road users in some situations, and in other times, break rules. Here is a list of alterations people do, which is quite stupid, since it either affects other road users, or themselves at times.

Head lights

Altering headlights is very common since people want their cars to look very futuristic or like expensive cars made by other companies. Some take it extreme where only the border of the headlight is lit, which confuses oncoming traffic. A very dangerous modification for a car, especially during the night.

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2. Indicators

Blinkers or turn signals follow a standard colour, orange, for a reason. Some morons change that to be white lights, which is absolutely not visible during the day and not noticeable in the dark. It may not seem much or look stylish, but disaster happens when the vehicle behind does not see the indication and crashes into the vehicle in front.

3. Mirrors

It is a very common sight to see cars and especially two-wheelers riding around the city with their rear-view mirrors folded or completely removed. They have no idea what is behind them until they make a careless turn and end up under the wheels of a big SUV. Mirrors give you eyes at the back of your head, which is essential. So do not remove them, use them.

4. Exhaust

Extracting performance is done by many, and one of the first things one would do is a custom exhaust. One important factor that has to be kept in mind is that modified exhausts are illegal to be used on the road. Also, too much noise will attract cops as many cities are hunting down vehicles with modified exhausts.

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5. Taking off make/ model name

Some take that extra step while redesigning their cars and ensure the car/ motorcycle's name or make is also taken off. For one, it's illegal and cops have all the authority to impound such a vehicle. Remember, if you have a modified Maruti with Ferrari logos, it is still a Maruti, even if it produces 1000bhp (according to the badge).

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6. Fork Rake Angle

Choppers have inspired many, including a few who think it's cool to have extended forks and crazy rake angles. What they don't understand is that the motorcycle is going to lose handling, and one hard knock on a bumpy road can break the front suspension assembly. It is very dangerous.

7. Horn

Horns are getting louder by the day, and in cases, some drivers connect multiple horns triggered by the same switch, which operates all in one go. That is just too much stress on the car's battery, and plus, it is like wearing an invisible board that is visible to others that reads, "I just wanna make noise". The fact is you are disturbing other drivers and causing too much noise pollution.

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8. Curtains

The government of India banned vehicles from having tinted windows, so nobody can be up to mischief. The trouble is, people have started using curtains. This trend has been there for a long time, but what people fail to realise is that tints were banned to have better visibility to see what is happening inside the cars, so how would curtains help? You are still blocking the view.

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9. Number Plate

Fancy number plates are a big issue, and also the latest trend. Many don't want their cars to be noted by the cops so they have a really tiny number plate. Others just get fancy numbers and display it ways that it looks like alphabets instead of numbers. There are also people who have a million things written on their number plates, including the registration number. Why try to hide your number until you're up to something illegal?

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10. Using spot lights

Driving in the night needs better lights, but not so much that it blinds a person. Auxiliary lights are to provide better lighting, but sometimes, people over do it in the city or on highways, that blinds the oncoming traffic. This results in accidents. When you notice oncoming traffic, turn off the additional lights.

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