7 Worst Car Colours In India!

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Cars are adored by many, while some just look at them as a mere mode of transport. For those who love cars, it goes down to every little detail.

It can be the lines, wheels, interiors, lights, fabric and even the colour that can attract car enthusiasts. At the same time, one thing that can make a car enthusiast puke or hate a car is its colour again.

Sometimes, looking at a colour, on could think—what was the manufacturer thinking? In our list of 7 Indian cars with the worst colours money can buy, we take a look at cars that look like aliens with skin pigmentation disorders to Dragon Green SUVs!

Datsun GO:

Colour name: SKY
The Datsun GO with the SKY paint job looks like an alien that is trying to blend in with traffic! An alien with a skin pigmentation disorder to be exact! It will be a task to find the car on a bright day!

Mahindra Bolero:

Colour name: Toreador red
To read or what red? First, it's a red SUV and then the company gives it a complicated name! Why would you want a red Bolero? The vehicle could be mistaken for a fire truck or something.

Tata Nano:

Colour name: Persian Rose
A very romantic sounding colour. But looking at the colour, Persian Gross would have been more apt. What was Tata thinking? May be they make the Nano in so many colours that they ran out!

Nissan Evalia:

Colour name: Aqua Green
Now it's Nissan. The company joins the list with a colour that needs a pair of dark shades to look at even when one is blind folded!

Mahindra XUV 500:

Colour name: Sunset Orange
The XUV is designed based on a Cheetah and the colour has been pushed a little too much, ending with what looks like a cheetah that gave birth after consuming a lot of radium, minus the spots.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire:

Colour name: Alp Blue
Alp Blue? Half Blue would suit it better since the blue is confused whether it should be dark or light. A few angles look dark while the rest is not. The colour just adds to the ugliness of the car rather than making it look good.

Force Gurkha:

Colour name: Dragon Green
Seriously? This colour is shocking enough to scare away not just customers, but real dragons too! Maybe Jaundice Green would have been more ideal...

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