Santa's Everyday Sleigh Uses The Finest Italian Horses To Pull Off Smoky Burnouts

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When Santa plopped down your chimney during the night, he had his trusty herd of reindeer helping him out from rooftop to rooftop. But what does Mr. Claus use to travel during his off-hours, when he's not busy making presents or delivering them to kids across the world.

Well, if the video below is to be believed, the answer is a Toyota GT86 with the engine from a Ferrari 458 known as the GT4586 and driven by professional drifter and tyre shredder Ryan Tuerck.

The GT4586 has a habit of pulling off burnouts while screaming out its anger at the world. As seen in the video it has the whole Christmas theme going for it as well with its red paint job and the Christmas lights attached to it.

The mad drift machine could prove to be the perfect car for Santa to escape the crowds. After all, who would imagine Santa pulling up in an angry V8 powered tyre smoking Toyota outside their houses.

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