Russian Turns Mercedes G-Class SUV Into An Underground Bunker

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Trust the Russians to come up with the craziest way to showcase the safety of a car in an extremely weird way.

An 'artist' in Russia by the name of Valeri Lizunova, has buried a Mercedes G-Class SUV (G-Wagen To the purists) in Russia's Kaluga Region as part of an art exhibition. 

So what exactly is this madness all about and why a G-Wagen, let's find out.

Why A G-Wagen? Part 1

According to the AutoEvolution, the artist Valeri Lizunova, explained that the idea came to him while he was riding in a G-Wagen (short for a Gelandewagen) or the Mercedes G-Class as most people know it.

Why A G-Wagen? Part 2

Lizunova said he felt safe in the car so he wanted to raise the stakes and show everyone else how safe it was by turning it into a safe haven - an underground bunker to be precise.

We do wonder if Comrade President Putin wouldn't mind one of these, just to be on the safe side.

How Was It Done?

Valeri Lizunova took a Mercedes G-Wagen, the G500 to be precise, and placed it into a wood covered hole that looks more like a coffin (gulp!), and then the hole was filled up with dirt with only the sunroof left uncovered.

That Looks Quite Safe (And Scary)

To ensure that if anyone who is brave enough (or rather moronic enough) to get inside the car and experience the bunker lifestyle preferred by despots and dictators (A certain Hitler comes to mind), an air supply for the bunker (SUV) has been provided.

The artist has even added a bush on top of the bunker to camouflage it and make it look like any other mound of earth (So that enemy planes don't spot the car and bomb it?)

A Bunker With A/C? Looks Like Comfort Tops Safety

The side exhausts on the G500 SUV have been fitted with pipes, which vent the exhaust gases from the running engine outside the hole in the ground, allowing anyone inside the 'bunker' to have a cosy air-conditioned life.

Forget The Bunker. Tell Me More About The G-Wagen

The Mercedes G-Wagen (G-Class) in question is a 2016 G500.

The G500 is powered by a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 from the AMG GT sports car, that produces 415bhp and 610Nm of torque.

The G500 will sprint from 0–100km/h in just 5.9 seconds (impressive for a car that weighs in at around 2.5-tons) and has a top speed of 210km/h.

So What Can It Do When Its Not Buried

The Mercedes G-Class is essentially a military off-road vehicle that has been converted for civilian use. On the road and off it, the G-Class is a beast of avehicle, as the aptly named G-Class Professional (G350d) shows in the video, on an off-road course set up by Mercedes-Benz inside an old quarry in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Source - AutoEvolution

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