Russia Reveals Its Latest Super Defence Vehicles

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Defence vehicles have always been the coolest wheels around. It could be for the size, the usage, or simply because they can do a lot of things and look real mean. Russia has recently revealed some of its coolest and meanest looking combat vehicles.

The Russian combat vehicles were put on display, for Vladimir Putin, the Russian President to inspect them. Also seen is Alexander Bortnikov, the FSB Director and Sergei Shoigu, the Defence Minister.

The first vehicle the President inspects is the military version of the Kamaz Dakar Rally truck (at the rear), called the Viking. If one is familiar with the Dakar Rally, one would know what these trucks are capable of and adding bullet proof armour just takes the definition of mean to a whole new level. The Truck is based on the KAMAZ-4911 Extreme, which was originally designed for international rallies like Dakar.

The next vehicle Putin inspects is the ZiL Karatel, also called the Punisher. One look and you know the vehicle means serious business.

The underbelly of the vehicle is ‘v' shaped to better dissipate bomb explosions. The Punisher comes with Class 6a armor protection.

On the inside, the vehicle seats 10 people, back-to-back, allowing a 360 degree vision of what's going around the vehicle. Also, the Punisher has holes on the side and at the rear to allow army personnel to fire. It even has a rooftop revolving hatch gunner.

The third vehicle the President of Russia inspects is an armoured buggy, that looks similar to the Polaris MRZR. Here is the entire video of Putin inspecting the vehicles. No further details are available at the moment, but stay tuned for more updates.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 2, 2016, 18:09 [IST]
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