Royal Enfield Custom Build Off — That’s A Good Onya!

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Royal Enfield and its customization in India have always brought the best creative minds to build some of the amazing and insane looking bikes.

Royal Enfield Australia and New Zealand have concluded their Custom Bike Build Off and invited its dealers to enter the competition with a customised RE. There were eight custom bikes which entered the event and the competition was tight and brought the best of creations.

‘Rough Cut' a modified Classic 350 from Royal Enfield Sydney took home the coveted honour of winning the bike build off. The custom Rough Cut is simple and there are not much of jazz as the bike looks polished.

Royal Enfield Australia and New Zealand's Marketing Manager, Joshua Pilley said that the idea of the ‘Custom Bike Build Off' was to create interest and demonstrate to the public what a great starting point Royal Enfield can be, as a base for custom builds.

He further added that the end result was fantastic, considering the dealers only had 31 days to complete their builds, all of their hard work paid off, making it difficult for their fan base to decide who to vote for.

Other entries includesome of the best mods along with creative titles, ‘Brass Rajah' was one of them, a retro, sleek looking Royal Enfield Bobber and fine pinstriping.

The Continental GT was customised too, aptly named ‘Continental GT Turbo' which came with an external turbocharger and a short pipe. ‘Rock the Casbar' with its stud tyres and a large war-themed side can to carry petrol or water we guess, had the army theme in its right place.

The other builds included the ‘Rumble Fish' is indeed a fish which can rumble your thought flow with the customization. The tank and thehandle bar which is outreached and adventurousfrom the custom builder.

Other custom builds included the ‘Son of a Gun', ‘The Royal Flush', and the ‘Hannibal'. We here found every build as unique as it could get and loved them all. A big shout out to all the builds.


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