Road Markings And What They Mean — Adhere For Safety

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Ever wondered what the road markings are meant for? Well, you are aware of the white lines dividing the road or even the yellow markings seen while you drive or ride.

There are different markings with different designs as well, what do they mean? Let us dive deeper to find out what these are meant for and how helpful they are.

Centre Broken White Line

This line is used to provide a divide between both carriageways which travel in opposite direction. Although these are marking, some of the residential back roads and rural roads might not come with any markings at all.

If the line is on the same side of the carriageway, this indicates lanes that you will have to adhere to.

Single or Double Continuous White/Yellow Line Along Centre of the Road

All vehicles need to be on the left side of this line and there will be no overtaking except in thecase of an emergency or to turn to into or out of a side road or even a property.

Single White Line Along The Edge Of The Road

This line indicates the end of the side road and to be watchful so you don't go off the road. The paint used on these line radiates, this helps while driving during nights and low light.

Broken Line With Single Line

A broken line which runs along the single line along the centre of the road points out that the driver must obey the line which runs along their side.

Here the driver must stay on the left of the line which runs along the centre of the road. If you are on the broken side of the line, you may cross or straddle it. You can overtake only if it is safe.

On the continuous line, you can neither cross it or straddle it.

Zebra Crossing & Stop Sign

Zebra crossing is mainly for pedestrians to cross the road and you cannot stop on the zebra crossing.

As for the stop marked on the road suggests that you will need to stop before you proceed. Always give priority to pedestrians.

Lane Indicator

You will notice that markings of arrows which either suggests that the lane is for moving straight or turn arrow either to the left or the right indicates that you need to take the lane according to turn that you will take.


The road markings are done for your safety and other commuters. By adhering to markings and signs helps us to drive safe and keep other safe as well.

Drive and Ride Safe!

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 17:36 [IST]
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