Watch Top Gear's Former Stig Blast Down An Insanely Steep Mountain Slope In An SUV

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Ben Collins, the former Top Gear Stig who got fired for writing a book and part-time James Bond stunt double is known for pullling off crazy stunts possible in a car.

However, even his former Stigness would have had to take a few brave pills before he stepped into the Range Rover Sport before driving down a 14.9-kilometre long ski slope at Murren in Switzerland.

The ski slope at Murren has been playing host to the annual Inferno Downhill Challenge, the world's longest downhill ski race since 1928 and has been the downfall of many a proud skier.

The Murren ski slope is also where the ski chase seen in the 1969 James Bond movie 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' was filmed.

However, a car attempting to drive down the ski slope which starts at 2969 metres above sea level and descends 2,179 metres over almost 15 kilometers is not something for the faint hearted, especially when the vehicle of choice is a Range Rover Sport SUV.

Collins completed the insanely steep (75 percent descents) drive down the slope in a blisteringly fast time of 21min 36sec while averaging 96m/h (154.497km/h).

The only change done to the Range Rover Sport was the addition of a roll cage and harness to keep Collins safe in case of a crash, andreinforced tyres.

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