Pack Of Dogs Rip A Car Apart To Find Their Eternal Foe

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Have you ever seen dogs attacking a car? Then you should watch this video clip captured in Turkey, as a pack of dogs ripped off a car searching for a cat hid underneath the car.

The video footage is captured on a security camera in Turkey. At the beginning of the video, two or three dogs can be seen sniffing the ground near the car. Moments later more dogs begin the hunt and rip off the car.

The video shows how dogs used their teeth to destroy the bodywork of the car. One of the dogs got hold of the bumper and just ripped the half of it.

The rest of the dogs pounce on the car and begins searching under the bonnet. In the process, the complete headlight assembly is destroyed, and one of the dogs even tries to rip off the bonnet.

But when the dogs could not find the cat, one more dog tears apart the remaining half of the front bumper. At the end of the footage, the bodywork of the car is torn apart by the pack of dogs. But the cat is nowhere to be seen in the entire video clip.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 12:40 [IST]
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