Overspeeding Toyota Innova Crysta Crashes Due To Narrow Bridge

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The most popular MPV in the country, the Toyota Innova Crysta is the safest vehicle in its segment. Safety features such as airbags, stability control. Traction control and several other safety equipment to protect the occupants.

But the vehicle is safe as long as the driver drives the vehicle sensibly. And this Innova Crysta crash shows us the outcome of over speeding on narrow roads. Luckily the Innova Crysta took the brunt of the impact and protected the occupants.

The driver of the Innova Crysta was allegedly over speeding on the Bangalore-Yediyur highway. Suddenly the driver encountered a narrow bridge and to avoid an accident the driver braked hard.

Since the Innova Crysta was at high speed, the hard braking resulted in losing control of the vehicle. The out of control Innova sideswiped a pole on the road.

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The impact was so hard that the front end of the vehicle is severely damaged. The roof also suffered damaged. But the cabin remained intact, and the passengers suffered major injuries.

The airbags on the Innova did not deploy due to the offset impact. The front left door of the car suffered heavy damage, and the door might have jammed. In such situations, using the windows to get out of the vehicle is the best option.

This accident could have been easily avoided if the driver was not overspeeding. Doing high speeds on narrow roads double the chances of the vehicle going out of control. And this crash is a proof for that.

Stick to speed limits, especially on the narrow two-lane highways. Braking distance will also decrease at lower speeds, and the vehicle will be under driver's control. Drive cautiously on unknown roads as you never know what is around the next corner.

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