The Rad, Mad 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTI: Why Should You Buy It?

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So the bank interest you've been waiting for has come in, and you're wondering what to do now. No, don't go and buy another plot of land, it's time to do something more exciting with your life. Like driving a really, really cool car.

Yes, the Volkswagen Polo GTI is confirmed for India and will cost anything up to INR 20 lakh. But why would you buy a small car for big bucks? Believe it or not, there are several good reasons for you to buy the GTI, and most of them have to do with it being one of the very few cars soon to be available in the country that is here to give you joy. Pure, unadulterated driving joy.

So let's see what you can get in this upcoming hot hatch that you can't in any other.

1. 0-100 km/h in 6.7 seconds

The lights go green, then the traffic goes green. With envy, that is, as you leave everyone in the dust. Most cars here achieve 0-60 km/h in this amount of time, so this is serious acceleration we're dealing with here. Quick hasn't been this quick so far, and not just in the hatchback segment.

2. Faster than an Octavia, a Jetta, or even an A3!

These cars can all be very quick in the right hands, but despite all sharing the same engine, the Polo has ‘weigh less to lug around'. Therefore, it's faster, and that's all that really matters, doesn't it?

3. Will handle very impressively

Give every corner a bear bug. The GTI is lower than regular Polos with retuned sports suspension. True, it's CBU spec, so its setup may not be the most practical for a family car. But it's here to be your fun drive, and taking corners quick will almost certainly be like nothing you've experienced before, such will be the dynamics of the stiffer settings.

4. Internationally-acclaimed engine

The Volkswagen 1.8-litre TSI engine is one of Ward's top international engine picks of 2015, and featured in their 2014 winner's list too. This brilliant powerplant can even be even decently economical if you drive it sanely, so the perfect car for the grocery round too? Ahem, we'll get to that...

5. Realistic track machine

The GTI will be one of the most serious driver's cars available in the Indian market, and if you're based in Delhi, Chennai, or Coimbatore, you'll be able to derive plenty smiles on the circuit. You'll actually be able to put down some impressive lap times, without wheezing down the main straight in some homegrown excuse for a fast car.

6. There’s a DSG ‘box

While a manual option would have been ideal as well, we understand that the most likely gearbox on offer will be the DSG one, but most shouldn't complain. If you're not used to a dual-clutch unit as yet, don't fret, because if you're even a halfway decent driver and know when to shift your cogs, you'll soon grow to enjoy the race-inspired, almost-instantaneous sequential shifts.

7. It’s built like a tank…

Unlike buying a cheaper car and spending substantial amounts on aftermarket mods to bring it up to er, speed, you will get a fast car from the factory that is built to go, and keep going. None of the hassles of unreliability and shoddy build quality so often experienced with modified cheaper cars.

8. ...and it’s safe.

The Polo GTI will most probably come with the entire gamut of VW safety tech, including ESC, Driver Alert System, ABS, fade-resistant front and rear disc brakes, Automatic Post Collision Braking System, and more. If you're going to drive fast, you need to be protected. Can't say the same about the groceries though, maybe you'll have to strap down the veggies too, because daresay the Missus is not going to appreciate the lettuce tossed before it gets to the kitchen.

9. Volkswagen’s GTI heritage

You won't need to join the riff-raff with fake performance detailing on boring cars, but have actual red stripes, contrast stitching, badging, styling mods, and peformance features that hark back to a long-standing Volkswagen tradition of performance-oriented GTI models that have been appreciated by driving afficionados the world over, for several decades now.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 14:37 [IST]
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