Video: World’s Most Expensive Cigarette Lighter — The Mclaren MP4-12C

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Some Mclaren 12C owners use their car to light up a cigarette, which makes it the most expensive lighter in the world. Alongside the Lamborghini Aventador, current Mclaren models are also good for spitting flames if revved aggressively.

Other commuter cars need the right tune and a decatted exhaust system to spit out fire, but cars like Mclaren MP4-12C can do this without any performance addition.

For making the 12C into a fire-breather, you just need rev brutally until the exhaust is glowing red, then it begins to spewing flames.

The fact is, money doesn't buy common sense. Because making the cars to spit fire can also be very bad.

When making the exhaust red hot and putting unnecessary pressure into the engine will lead to wearing out of internal components such as piston rings. This can cause the car to catch on fire.

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