Man Ordered To Remove His Trailer House After Painstakingly Refurbishing It

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There is nothing more heartbreaking than people not recognizing your hard work. That is exactly the scene with Iftikhar Azam, 43, who lives in Sheldon, Birmingham.

The 43 year old father of one was asked to remove his truck that he painstakingly refurbished, after neighbours called it an eyesore. So what kind of modifications has Azam done to the truck? Let's take a look.

Azam bought the 18 year old refrigerated vehicle for 3,000 pounds and spent close to 7,000 pounds refurbishing it. The truck includes a shower, sink, and a lift. Engineer by profession, Azam lived in his creation near a car wash for two years while he did up another property.

After moving to his mother's house, Azam was asked to remove the eyesore by neighbours. Azam got the neighbours angry after he took down the fence of his mother's house to park the 40ft trailer in the night.

After moving to his mother's house with the trailer, Azam was asked to remove his trailer by the city council or face action from the court. Azam has also been issued with an enforcement notice to remove the truck as soon as possible.

Azam on the other hand thinks it looks good. The Engineer says he has put in a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, built-in appliances, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a living room and a lift, that was already there.

Azam now wants to sell the trailer for 2,000 pounds, or the council will tow the truck away and put the cost and charges on his mother. Azam says he tried selling it a while back to a friend of his, but the deal fell through after the person changed his mind.

Local politicians and locals have expressed their disgust to the trailer being there. Locals feel that it is dangerous since drivers are not looking at the road while passing the trailer. Another resident also complained saying that it was so big that it blocked the road while they were moving it in the middle of the night.

Azam says that "I will be out here with a bottle of champagne when it goes and residents are welcome to come and join me."

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