Man Invents ‘Grappler’ That Could Reduce Risks During High-speed Pursuits

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Local inventor, Leonard Stock came up with the idea of a 'grappler' when he found out how dangerous these chases are. So, he spent eight years testing and developing the grappler.

"The methods used right now are deploying tire spikes or using the pit manoeuvre to stop a vehicle," Stock told the media.

"I was initially sceptical, citizens invent products all the time to fix problems in law enforcement, and they are frequently horrible ideas. However, after watching how effective the results are, I think it could possibly be a viable option for police officers to end vehicle pursuits." He added.

The Grappler is basically net made of a vinyl tether that the law enforcers drop down to wrap around a suspect's tire.

The net is tethered to a tow strap that can be released from the pursuit vehicle by the flip of a switch. The Grappler Bumper can also be concealed for undercover operations.

The Police Officers stated "The concept is fantastic. If the grappler holds up the suspects the way it appears, it's going to have a huge advantage for law enforcement."

In the USA alone, the reports suggest that more than 5000 innocent people are being killed in police pursuits since 1979.

The grappler may be able to reduce the number of casualties significantly. The inventor says that the money and time he's invested in this concept will be worth it if just one life is saved.

Watch theGrappler Police Bumper in action here

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