Road Trip: Of Temple Trails And Nano Tales

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A few years ago, when the Tata Nano was introduced, it was marketed as the best alternative to riding a motorcycle. The company promised the world a cheap and affordable car so that everybody gets a chance to own a car.

As soon as the car was launched, there were mixed reviews. Few loved the car while a few thought a motorcycle was still the best option.

But the Tata Nano proved that it could give a person much more than just an affordable car or a mode of transport.

One of our avid readers, Mr. Ravi Kumar KS, has taken his Tata Nano for a 1,960-kilometre trip around south India with his family. Mr. Ravi travelled three states in his Nano, visiting temples and absolutely adores the Nano.

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Mr. Ravi, who works in Bangalore, started in the capital city of Karnataka, entered Tamil Nadu, Kerala and back into Karnataka. The trip was a total of eight days. The trip covered a good section of the southern coastal roads.

Mr. Ravi's trip objective was to visit temples in every destination visited as per plans on the route map. These historic temples play a big role in understanding South Indian culture.

The car that Mr. Ravi travelled in was a 2011 Tata Nano LX variant. The vehicle had done 27,143 kilometres before the start of this trip. Averaging speeds between 80 to 110 km/h, the car returned a fuel efficiency of 21 km/l with the air conditioning on.

The Tata Nano, in spite of having a small engine, a twin-cylinder 624cc, fuel injected four-cylinder engine, never broke a sweat crunching kilometres after kilometres on the long straight highways.

The Tata Nano had a total of 6 occupants on this special trip. There were four adults and two kids. The Nano, in spite of being a small car, does offer very good in-cabin space for its size. The AC was very efficient as well.

Mr. Ravi had previously done three other trips in the same car. The first one was Dharmasthala, Kukke Subramanya, Kallur, Sringeri, Udupi and Murudeshwar. The second one was Mahanandi, Srisailam and Hyderabad, and the third one was to Pondicherry.

A few good examples such as this proves the worthiness of the Tata Nano. Mr. Ravi says that this car has proved to meet every single need of his and more. He is one happy Tata Nano owner.

Story first published: Friday, January 9, 2015, 16:32 [IST]
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