Video: Fancy A V12-Engined Motorcycle? Here's What It Looks Like

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Motorcycles are built with big engines these days, and one prime example is the Boss Hoss. If the V8 was not crazy enough, here's one that has a V12, straight off a Lamborghini.

The motorcycle belongs to Chuck Beck, who is better known for building cars than motorcycles. So what gave him this crazy idea? Well, he just happened to find a Lamborghini V12 engine sitting around, something that a friend gave him.

The V12 engined motorcycle was built two years ago, but has been updated cosmetically to improve the looks (making it look less menacing?).

When Chuck built the motorcycle first, it had the huge engine, a seat and a tank. The body work has been added recently.

On either sides of the motorcycle, what look like cool side panniers are actually the rear-mounted radiators to keep the mighty engine at a usable temperature.

Watch the video above as Chuck himself explains a bit more about his custom Lamborghini motorcycle build.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2016, 9:01 [IST]
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