Japan Working On An Invisible Train?

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Trains are a very efficient mode of transport in many countries, be it from one city to another or from one country to another. Japan has always been a step ahead in train technology and service compared to most countries.

Now, the Asian country is attempting to take several steps ahead, and is planning on building an 'invisible' train. What is the whole thing about? Let's find out.

Seibu Group, a holdings company known for its trains and hotels in Japan has taken up the project and hired one of the top architects to build the train.

The architect who has taken up the project is Kazuyo Sejima, from Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

The 59 year old architect is known for creating buildings that become one with the scenery.

Some of her work include the Le Louvre Lens Museum in France, and has also been awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize.

The invisible trains will roll out in 2018 as part of the company's centenary anniversary celebrations.

Once launched, the invisible trains will connect Tokyo to other parts of Japan.

So how exactly will the train be invisible? Well, Sejima will make use of reflecting material that will make the train disappear into the environment.

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