Jaguar XF Hits A Buffalo — The Results Are Devastating!

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Stray animals on Indian roads are sometimes referred as break inspectors. This is because stray animals tend to test how well you or your vehicle can brake efficiently.

Here's an incident involving a Jaguar XF luxury sedan reported by Team-BHP and a buffalo and the result of the accident is quite disastrous indeed. The luxury sedan was on a highway near Shimoga, Karnataka.

A buffalo strayed onto the road, and the Jaguar driver was not able to stop the car soon enough resulting in hitting the animal.

From the images and the damage sustained by the car, it looks like the Jaguar was travelling at high-speed before it hit the buffalo.

While other details about this accident are not available, in most probable the passengers of the sedan would not have escaped. The buffalo may not have been as lucky either.

The Jaguar seems to have gone off the road, and the damages are significant. The front end of the Jaguar seems to have bore the brunt of the crash with the windshield and the roof damaged as well.

Stray animals are often found on Indian highways and roads. They even access controlled roads, and it is always wise to take extra precautions to drive carefully and comprehensively aware of your speed limits.

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