Custom Honda CX500 Is A Motorcycle That Fred Flintstone Would Love To Ride

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The Honda CX500 was never what you would call a good looking motorcycle. However, this customised CX500 with its rather unique body panels may just be the strangest and heaviest example of the mid-sized Honda to ever hit the roads.

The 1982 Honda CX500 in question was customized by Chris Zernia, who lives in Mendig, Germany.

Zernia decided that the best way to make his motorcycle stand out from the rest of the crowd was by replacing the regular bodywork with stone panels.

The stone used to create this Honda is basalt, which was mined in the Eifel mountains a dense volcanic rock that while heavy can be easily shaped into the right shapes needed for a prehistoric version of a Honda motorcycle.

The German builder started off with 450 kilograms of the volcanic rock and chiselled and carved them into the pieces that make up the bike. All the carved stone pieces weigh in at around 60 kilos in total.

The front end was the hardest part of the motorcycle to carve out calling for precise carving and adjustments. The headlamp unit sits flush with the stone and is held in place by glue.

The fuel tank looks similar to the original fitted onto the CX500's and features a small cavity inside for the fuel. The standard fuel filler neck had to be lengthened to fit properly, though the regular cap gelled in quite well with the rock.

The seat is a sculptor's dream come true and is screwed onto the frame which has been reinforced with multiple four-millimetre steel tubes.

The LED tail light sits flush with the rear end of the stoney Honda and doesn't seem out of place at all.

While building the basalt bike, the 497cc water cooled engine of the CX500 blew up. However, Zernia soldiered on and after a holiday in Tuscany, installed a replacement powerplant.

Zernia replaced the CX500's front suspension with forks from a Honda VT600 Shadow while the rear shocks were replaced by ones found on a Harley Dyna.

The Comstar wheels are shod with Bates Baja tires, a homage to the Goodyear Grasshopper and help the 355 kilogram Honda send all of its 50 horsepower to the road.

Zernia plans to use his Flintstones motorcycle to set a Guinness World Record for the fastest motorcycle made of stone before he moves on to his next project, a Harley Sportster made from the same Basalt rocks as his trusty Honda.

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