Honda CBR 250R Hits A Jaguar XE In A High-Speed Crash In Mumbai

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A Honda CBR 250R and Jaguar XE were involved in a high-speed crash in Mumbai. The accident took place at midnight when roads are usually empty.

The incident occurred near Marina Plaza signal. The Jaguar XE was making a U-turn when motorcycle rammed the car. The impact was so brutal that the riders were thrown into the air and one of them landed on the windscreen of the car.

The motorcycle hit the front left door of the car, and the riders were thrown at least two metres in the air before hitting the ground. The victims were immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

As per a friend of the passenger in the Jaguar, the motorcycle rammed the car at a very high speed. The bike was also equipped with ABS, which reduces the stopping distance. But still, the safety feature on the CBR 250R could not avoid the accident.

The motorcycle also had an aftermarket exhaust installed. The Jaguar XE took the brunt of the impact on the passenger door; the side airbags were deployed which saved the passengers.

Here are few tips while making a U-turn. Before making a U-turn, look out for the oncoming traffic, especially two-wheelers. Use your turn indicators to give a signal to the other motorist on the road.

The motorcycle riders should not over speed while riding at night. Riding at a very high speed will decrease the visibility. Always slow down where there is a junction or gap in the median.

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Story first published: Monday, April 17, 2017, 16:38 [IST]
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