Guy Tries To Get A Free Mercedes-Benz — Gets Trolled Badly

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Everybody likes getting free stuff and getting a free Mercedes-Benz is something you have never dreamt. But this guy on Twitter tried to get a free car from the German automaker and got trolled badly.

A Twitter user @Abdinoorx2 tried to get a free Merc. He messaged Mercedes-Benz US asking them how many retweets he needs to get to get a free car. The reply from Mercedes-Benz was also prompt. They said 20 million retweets.

Now, this Twitter user thought that he just won a jackpot. He replied to Mercedes-Benz saying ‘consider it done'. The guy thought that it was legit, but may be Mercedes-Benz was looking for some free publicity.

Mercedes-Benz US replied him back with a photo of a shiny black convertible. The company claimed that they were clearing the road and handing it over. Still, the Twitter user could not figure out what was happening.

He even asked Mercedes-Benz US that if they need an address to deliver the car. Without even getting the retweets the guy assumed that the company would simply send him the brand new car for doing nothing.

Now Mercedes decided to put an end to the joke and mentioned that the car had been delivered right to his DMs. Now, this guy was not ready to accept that. He replied it was a very bad move for such a brand and even started posting with #BoycottMercedes.

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