Goodyear Bids Adieu To The Iconic Blimp — The End Of An Era

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On March 14, 2017, Goodyear bid goodbye to the blimp at its homeport in Southern California. The tyre maker let the helium out of its last blimp, the Spirit of Innovation.

A few dozen Goodyear Tyre workers were present when the blimp fluttered on the ground. The airship collapsed in about two minutes and brought mixed emotions from the faithful.

Goodyear airship historian Eddie Ogden said, "There were a couple of tears because they've been working with blimps for so long. But the program has always changed over the decades, and this is a step forward."

Yes, there is a new model of Goodyear airships in the works and will fill the skies of America. Since 2014 Goodyear has been working to replace its lighter-than-air fleet with semi-rigid airships.

The new model of Goodyear airships is manufactured by German firm ZLT, hence the name zeppelins. The new variant will be bigger and faster compared to the old blimps.

The Goodyear-Zeppelin will be equipped with three engines with swivelling propellers that allow the airship to hover, fly backwards, take off vertically and turn on their axis. And the biggest advantage is their quiet in operation.

Want to see how the interior of a Goodyear blimp looks. Then watch the video for a brief tour inside a blimp.


Talking about airships, the cars are also coming with loads of technology aboard. One of them is the Tesla Model 3. Check out the photos of the car by clicking the gallery below.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 16, 2017, 14:32 [IST]
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