This Is One Airplane Engine You'll Want To Get Sucked Into

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You usually will end up rather dead, as was the case with the villain in the James Bond movie Die Another Day.

However, another British company called Fallen Furniture which makes brilliant pieces of furniture from reclaimed, authentic aircraft parts want to help you to get over your fear of aircraft engines by making a rather quirky chair from the cowling of one powering a Boeing 737.

Let's take a look at the brilliant 'Cowling Chair' and see just what makes it so special.

The Cowling Chair

The cowling chair itself is made out of the cowling of the engine of Boeing 737. It is over six and half feet tall, deep and wide which makes it the perfect chair to sink into and snooze off.

Flat Bottomed Turbofan

The chair is made from the cowling on one of the two turbofan jet engines(pictured on the left) found on a Boeing 737. Each engine produces 86.7 kiloNewtons of thrust and weighs in at 2,366 kilograms.

The Perfect Chair

The cowling for the 737's turbofan jet engine is actually a little flat at the bottom to help ensure that it doesn't scrape itself on the ground. This flat bottom is what makes it a brilliant chair to plop your backside on.

More Aero Madness Ahead

However the chair is not the only thing the piece of furniture that you can get for yourself.

Fallen's catalogue has a lot more mad pieces of furniture to help you make your home a tribute to airplanes.

The Bar Table

That cowling can also be used to create a bar table which should help you out whenever your friends come home for a Gin and Tonic.

The Cluster Bomb

And when they do come home, you can bedazzle them with this insane drinks cabinet made from the fuselage of a Royal Air Force practise cluster bomb from the 1970s.

Perfect For Cocktails

It may bedazzle your friends but do ensure that the cops don't think you're transporting a WMD instead of some liver killing drinks. The cabinet stands over eight feet tall and weighs in at 275 kilograms.

Exhaust Lamp Anyone?

Another brilliant piece of furniture is this lamp. The colours seen on the lamp's head are brought about through a careful process of sanding, polishing and heating.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact the head is actually the exhaust of one of the four engines found on a BAE 146.

The BAE 146

The BAE 146 is powered by four Avco Lycoming ALF 502 turbofan engines that produce 31 kiloNewtons of thrust each. It can carry around 100 passengers per trip.

That's One Big Lamp

The size of the engines is brought into perspective through the exhaust lamp which with it stand can easily dwarf most people.

The Emergency Coffee Table

If you want something more sedate, how about a coffee table using the emergency door from an Airbus A320. It does look a lot more elegant than when it is on the side of the plane.

Usually Used In Critical Situations

The doors are usually opened up to get almost 200 people off the A320 plane in case of an emergency and are found next to the wings of the plane.

Time's Ticking Away

Other crazy pieces include this brilliant clock made from the fuselage of a Boeing 747. You can also get one made from the fuselage of an Airbus A300.

Wall Art

Other crazy pieces include this brilliant clock made from the fuselage of a Boeing 747. You can also get one made from the fuselage of an Airbus A300.

How About Some Crazy Car Furniture?

However if planes are not your cup of tea, then we do a whole range of car related furniture for you to look at. Click to see 15 cool pieces of furniture made from old car parts.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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