When You Fill Diesel Instead Of Petrol — A Fuel Station Found It The Hard Way

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Vehicle owners were in for a surprise when their vehicles stalled because instead of petrol, diesel had been filled. Scores of vehicle users had filled fuel at the fuel station recently and had to feel the brunt of the wrong fuel in their vehicle.

Owners of the affected vehicles in rural Mysore on Tuesday protested at the service station demanding immediate compensation and repair of their vehicles.

Most vehicles affected were of two-wheelers and they wanted to fuel station to repair the same. Nearly 200 two-wheelers had parked at the fuel station and alot more started to arrive claiming compensation for their loss.

The owner of the fuel station said he is ready to take the responsibility and will have the affected vehicles repaired.

However, most of the vehicle owners were not ready for the repair and wanted compensation of Rs 2,500 saying they would get the vehicles fixed.The differences between the fuel station owner and the affected customer led to some tension at the station before the authorities came.

A regular customer atthe fuel station claimed that his two-wheeler stalled after filling fuel no Monday evening. As many of the vehicle owners were not ready to leave, the station owner called in the police who are looking into the matter.

The concerned officials have collected samples to check whether there was any adulteration. Based on the report, action will be taken accordingly.

Diesel fuel is heavier than petrol and is 'oily'. It requires pressure to ignite and does not evaporate as petrol does. When diesel is filled instead of petrol, the injectors which areresponsible for feeding the engine with the diesel fuel. When you ignite the engine, the spark plugs won't be able to fire the diesel and the engine won't start.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 10:14 [IST]
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