Former Soldier Transforms Old Van Into His New House; But Why?

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One major expense most face in their lives is rent. It can sometimes be the biggest expense, if one is living in an expensive city. So how does one avoid something like this?

Jamie Waddington, a former soldier has managed to do so. He has bought an old van and transformed it into his house. Let's take a closer look.

Jamie Waddington, 25 was a former soldier. He got fed up paying 800 pounds a month on rent for a house and decided to do something different.

Waddington's first plan was to buy a campervan, but it would cost him a lot. So he decided to buy an old LDV Convoy Van and spend 750 pounds on it. Now, he spends around 10 pounds a week.

Waddington decorated his van with wooden furniture carved handles, skylight and carpet, cupboards and shelves.

The van even has a ridge, sink, sofa and fold-out bed. There is a fire extinguisher on board along with a carbon monoxide detector.

One essential that the van does not have is a toilet, but Waddington says he is able to manage using public places and the generosity of others letting him use their toilets.

Waddington survives by helping farmers around the country in exchange for food that he cooks in the van. The 25 year old has paid work lined up for summer from previous employers in the countryside.

The 25 year old claims "I've always been an outdoor person but I realised this would give me the freedom what I wanted with my life. I felt I was growing up too quick and didn't want to settle down."

So far, Waddington has travelled around Yorkshire, visiting friends, travelled to Cumbria and Wales and spent some time in Bristol, staying with people he knows.

Waddington claims that he will do it until he runs out of money or till he gets bored, but since he spends very little so it is more likely to be the latter that would stop him.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 16, 2016, 16:34 [IST]
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