This Foldable, Cheap Cycling Helmet Is Made Out Of Paper

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A recyclable, collapsible helmet might be the ultimate accessory for bike-sharing programs. The popularity of this program is getting strong day-by-day among the city commuters. This paper-made helmet could be sold at bike-share stations.

Isis Shiffer, the creator of this EcoHelmet says that it absorbs impacts as effective as a Styrofoam helmet. The helmet is lightweight, easy to carry and cheap to produce. It is made out of recycled paper woven into a radial honeycomb pattern.

Ms Shiffer says, "I was lucky enough to be studying at Royal College of Art and the Imperial College of London for a semester, and was granted access to Imperial's crash lab.

"They had a European standard helmet crash setup that allowed me to gather enough data on Ecohelmet's proprietary honeycomb configuration to know it was viable and worth developing."

For making the EcoHelmet waterproof, it has been covered with a biodegradable coating that prevents water from entering in the rain for up to three hours. After that, when the customers are done riding, they can easily fold back it into a compact half-circle shape.

She also said that the helmet has gone through several stages of development to arrive at a design that both works and looks good. Her plan is to sell the EcoHelmet at bike-share stations for £4 (Rs 341) per helmet.

In fact, the helmet is well-engineered that it won the 2016 International James Dyson Award and Shiffer will receive £30,000 for winning the competition. The EcoHelmet is expected to go on for sale from next year.

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