5 Worst Traffic Jams In History

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Traffic jams are a common thing these days. Living in the city, one will be aware of how long it will take to travel a short distance during peak traffic hours.

Every big city, not just in India, but throughout the world experiences traffic jams that make short commutes a total nightmare. People even stop driving due to jams that waste their precious time.

So, you think getting caught in traffic for a couple of hours is bad? Check out these 5 worst traffic jams in history, where cars were stuck not just for hours, but days at a time!

1. Sao Paulo, Brazil: [November 2013]

Sao Paulo experienced one of the worst traffic jams recorded by the city ever. The jam stretched over 192 miles (307 km)! The city usually has a 100 plus miles of traffic jams on Friday's alone. So what do people do while stuck in traffic? Well, shave, read and even watch movies while stuck in traffic jams. There are also people who have met their life partners, while stuck in traffic.

2. Chicago, USA: [February 2011]

In 2011, Chicago was hit by a blizzard, that dumped 20 inches of snow. This forced drivers to abandon their cars due to the cold. Later, cars had to be towed by authorities to empty lots and finally when people came to reclaim the cars, it was a nightmare. Records of whose car was towed where was not accurate!

3. Beijing, China: [August 2010]

China is already famous for traffic jams. TomTom research shows that an average person spends the equivalent of nine working days in traffic. If that isn't enough, in 2010, a construction along the Beijing-Tibet expressway saw a traffic jam that lasted 11 days! Vendors started selling food to the people stuck in traffic for four times the price and water for 10 times the price!

4. Germany: [April 1990]

18 million cars were stuck in a traffic jam in Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall. After being separated for 40 years, families never minded waiting for up to four hours at fuel stations. It was during the first Easter after the fall of the Berlin wall.

5. Paris, France: [February 1980]

People who were returning home from a skiing holiday were in for a surprise when they were caught in a traffic jam that stretched as long as 109 miles (174 km). Bad weather and just the sheer number of cars returning was the cause.

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Story first published: Friday, April 3, 2015, 12:15 [IST]
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