India’s First Crossover Electric Bike Revealed

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Chennai based startup company Volta Motors has revealed its new crossover electric bike, Volta Zap. However it's not a maiden attempt in this segment, Ather Energy was the first company to launch all electric scooter Ather S340.

The Volta Zap looks like a normal bicycle with an additional battery pack. But it adheres a rugged look as stated by the company the crossover electric bike. The battery pack has an impressive range of 60km in a single charge without the need of pedalling.

Volta Motors has used the lightest battery in its segment, which weighs just 3kg, equipped with latest Lithium Battery Technology, users can also charge their laptops, mobiles and tablets. The battery pack can be easily detached, thanks to its purpose built box frame.

The crossover bike also comes with Pedal Assist feature which rotates the bike tyres thrice the speed of single pedal rotation. The e-bike gets an integrated display, which is accompanied by Volta app. Bike also comes with additional features such as, disc brakes, front LED lights and space for carrying stuff.

The bike can be customised through different body panels. Volta Zap can be pre-booked through Volta Motor's official website. The only downside of this e-bike is lack of pillion seat and it may affect the sales in future.

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