15 Most Amazing Car Garages In The World

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Finding a decent house with car parking these days has become a difficult task. They are either way too expensive or not a decent enough place.

So one may wonder—where do rich people with expensive cars park? Or, what kind of a garage they have at home?

Well, here are 15 car garages from around the world that will blow your mind away:

1. AutoMotorPlex:

AutoMotorPlex is designed by, and for motorsport enthusiasts. If you are a car collector or just own cars that leave people drooling, then AutoMotorPlex is the right choice. It offers highly secure and controlled environment with a complete array of services.

2. Garagenatelier:

This cool garage is designed by Peter Kunz. Located in Switzerland, this is one good way to blend that expensive car owned, with nature. This design has space for eight cars.

3. Jerry Seinfeld’s Garage:

This 47 car garage houses an exclusive Porsche collection worth USD 15 million. The temperature inside the garage is constantly monitored and there is also a full time mechanic who maintains the garage.

4. Tokyo, Japan:

So how do you build a garage in a very crowded place like Tokyo? Kenji Yanagawa came up with a solution to that—stack them up, one over the other and lower them into a house.

5. Hamilton Scotts Reignwood:

These garages in Singapore allow one to bring the car right up to the living room, with the help of elevators. The view of one's prized possession is always in sight, thanks to the garage's glass casing.

6. Asahikawa Garage:

Now this is a car garage in Japan is meant for a hardcore car enthusiast. The garage features a large parking space for cars, and a simple loft area with a living room and a bedroom!

7. Marbella:

This garage in Spain proves that just two cars in a well lit garage is more than enough. The highlight of this garage though are the two supercars!

8. Ashley Road:

So if one is so passionate about his cars that he feels he cannot be separated even to get some sleep, a garage like this would help. The cars can be parked in your living room.

9. Scubert House:

Holdger Schubert built a bridge to connect his driveway to his living room for one reason-for the love of his Ferrari 512 BBi Boxer.

10. Kre House:

This garage in Japan has a large basement parking and an elevator that can lift any car of your choice from the car park to the living room.

11. T-Bone House:

This glass walled garage of the T-Bone house in Germany accommodates a 1974 Porsche Targa. What a way to park and display something so beautiful.

12. Fairfield County:

This ‘ultimate man cave' in Connecticut features a garage with an elevator, that can store a car below deck next to a 700 bottle wine cellar, all at a cost of just USD 1 million.

13. Point Dume:

This 7,002 square foot auto museum, has been designed with extreme care to store the most prestigious vehicles in the world. This garage has sound absorbing walls, Micron level filtration and a de-humidification, a thermally sealed envelope, and UV protection.

14. Hill Crest Road:

This USD 85 million costing mansion has a turn table for the most prized car, adjacent to the living room. What a way to live.

15. West Bellevue:

Why build a big house with a big garage when you can build a two-bedroom house above a 16 car garage? This garage has elevators to display your cars from the second floor.

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