Elysium RV Comes With Its Own Helicopter — The Ultimate Home On Wheels?

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Elysium is the conception of the afterlife as conceived by the Greeks. According to Greek mythology, Elysium was the place at the ends of the earth to which certain favoured heroes were conveyed by the gods after their deaths where they would live a blessed and happy life.

Now, Furrion, an American company that makes luxury tech products, has decided to bring that slice of Greek heaven and ultimate luxury to the streets with its Elysium motor home. The Elysium is 13.71 metres long and 2.43 metres wide.

Furrion's Elysium is the ultimate gadget loving geek's idea of paradise with its space edge exterior. The sides of the recreational vehicle (RV) extend outward to allow the different modules inside the RV to expand outward.

Inside, the Elysium is a proper luxury home on wheels with three 75-inch widescreen televisions that can withstand both strong vibration and bad weather along with multiple infotainment systems. Also present is a small fireplace to give the RV a more homely feel.

The bathrooms feature a power shower and a steam room along with a smart toilet while the small kitchen squeezes in every appliance possible including an induction hob, microwave, dishwasher, oven, one fridge for most of the perishables along with and another just for the wine.

Head to the roof and you're greeted by a hot tub with a marine grade audio system along with a wooden deck area to entertain other guests.

However, the piece-de-resistance of the Elysium is the two-person Robinson R22 helicopter and helipad that sit opposite the hot tub. The Robinson R22 is perfect for the person looking to take a tour of the countryside or trying to avoid traffic.

Unfortunately, Furrion will not be selling the Elysium as the company dreamt up the van to showcase their top new products to customers. Despite the not for sale tag, the Elysium is valued at $2.5 million (Rs 17.03 crore)

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