11 Essential Aftermarket Accessories For Your Car

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Aftermarket accessories for a car is a massive market. The competition is also immense, with accessory shops set up almost 10 metres apart at times.

Products range from a mere cloth to wipe your car to lights that can make a car look like an UFO in the dark.

So has anyone wondered what are the stuff that should be bought? What are the absolute essentials you could get?

Here are 10 essential aftermarket accessories for your car that will make driving an absolute pleasure:

1. Good Headlights:

Good headlights will make driving in the night a pleasure. Good bulbs are available that have better light output, but won't blind oncoming traffic. Brands such as Flosser, Philips, Hella, Osram and Bosch are trustworthy brands.

2. Horn:

A good horn is an essential part of driving in India. Carmakers sometimes equip the cars with very faint sounding horns that will not be adequate in certain places. A good set of horns can sometimes even be a life saver.

3. Tyres:

A good brand like Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Continental are few examples of good tyre brands. Sometimes car manufacturers provide inappropriate tyres to keep the cost of the car down. A good, apt tyre will give good traction and help with the cars fuel efficiency too. Oversized tyres will harm the fuel efficiency, so stick to sizes that are recommended.

4. Music system:

Good music is the best company to drive with. A good music system in your car is never a wrong choice as long as it's not overdone, which will be a distraction.

5. Parking Aid:

A reverse camera or a sensor is a good bet as well. It just makes parking so much easier and ensures you won't nick another car by mistake.

6. GPS:

Yes, phones come with maps, but you are being charged for data services by your network provider. GPS is a one time investment. It has all the features like turn-by-turn voice guidance, speed limit warning and so much more. If long road trips is something you love, a GPS is a very smart choice.

7. Day And Night Mirror:

Many basic model cars come with a normal rear view mirror on the inside that won't cut the headlight glare of the vehicle behind you in the night. This gets very distracting to drive in the night. A day and night mirror has a little adjustment that can be flicked to cut down the glare.

8. Fire Extinguisher:

Although many people have it just for the kicks of it, a fire extinguisher can save lives. A simple lit cigarette is enough to start a flame. Electricals too are plenty in the car and water will not help put off electric fires. Mount it somewhere it is easily accessible and away from direct sunlight.

9. Rain Visor:

Rain visors come in handy when it rains since it allows you to open the window to an extent without letting the water in. It also helps keep the wind away from your face when driving with the window down.

10. Charging Outlet:

A charging outlet could be the biggest life saver. It can charge your phone, your GPS and can also run a few other gadgets like a tyre inflator or search lights. It is cheap, almost non existent but a hidden marvel.

11. First Aid Kit:

A bigger life saver than a charging outlet is a first aid kit. Never leave home without it. If the car has not come with it from the manufacturer, any pharmacy retailer will be able to provide you one.

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