11 Affordable, Good Handling Cars In The Indian Market

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A few things are looked at while buying a car in India are price, mileage, looks and maintenance cost. Most would buy a particular model only if these parameters are met and if the buyer is satisfied.

For an enthusiast, he would look at things like the power delivery, engine reliability, comfort and most importantly the styling.

One thing that is most often forgotten and which is as important most of the features looked at by customers is handling!

The cars handling has a lot to do with performance, mileage and power delivery. A major part of where handling comes from is how the vehicle suspension is set up. A good handling car is nothing but a joy to drive, especially on the twisty roads where the car is pushed to the extreme.

So here are some affordable, good handling cars across a few segments that are offer in the Indian market:

1. Fiat Punto Evo:

The petrol and the diesel variants of the Fiat Punto are very well set up to handle good. Priced between INR 4.99 lakh to 7.71, the Punto is a great vehicle to buy since the base petrol engine offers 68 PS of power and the top of the line diesel offers 90 horsepower.

2. Maruti Swift:

The Maruti Suzuki Swift offers an overall package of performance, handling great fuel economy, style and most importantly, unmatched service network!

3. Volkswagen Polo:

The German hatchback is a great handling car as well. Priced between INR 5.33 - 8.48 lakhs, it has good styling and the unbeatable German build quality.

4. Toyota Etios Liva:

Although a ‘taxi' image comes to the mind, the Etios Liva is a surprisingly impressive handling car. The suspension set up makes every last horsepower the car has usable and once you drive it on the twisty roads, one will be surprised how the little Toyota handles.

5. Tata zest:

By far one of the best cars made by Tata—the Zest. Good ground clearance, good suspension setup and the AMT makes this car a pleasure to drive. It soaks up potholes really well but there is a bit of roll while tackling corners, but a brilliant drive overall.

6. Maruti Dzire:

The Dzire follows the same footsteps as the Swift. Again, needless to say, the car is a great overall package.

7. Ford Figo Aspire:

The Ford Figo Aspire carries forward what Ford is well known for-making cars for drivers. Staying true to that fact, the Aspire is well set up to deliver great handling. The car will be launched soon, so it is a small wait for those craving for the Aspire.

8. Skoda Rapid:

Moving a segment further, the Skoda Rapid is the one to buy. Very good suspension setup and very responsive petrol and diesel engines make this car a must buy in this segment. No matter how much one pushes the car, it always has something more to offer while driving.

9. Fiat Linea:

The Fiat Linea too is set up like the Punto. Built to handle great. To add to the experience, the Linea too is offered with a choice of petrol and diesel powered variants that include a turbo petrol engine as well.

10. Renault Duster:

This is an unbelievably good handling vehicle keeping in mind its an SUV. The Renault duster has very good power delivery and it handles like a sedan, in spite of its high stance. It soaks up bad roads like it was purely designed to do so. Its handling is one of the reasons the Duster is selling in massive numbers.

11. Ford EcoSport:

The EcoSport is another driver oriented car like any other great Ford. This vehicle's suspension is so well set that when it is driven, the EcoSport feels like a hatch the way it handles, but with a high seating position.

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