China Comes Up With The Most Effective Punishment For Drivers Using High Beam

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High beams are a very annoying factor while driving in the night, and sometimes, one would wonder if anything at all can be done to teach offenders a lesson. China seems to have come up with one, and it does sound pretty effective.

Offenders, people driving their cars with high beam or full beam, when caught, are not only slapped with a fine, but are made to sit and stare at lights for a minute — much needed in India?

Media reports suggest that offenders are slapped with a fine of 300 yuan (approximately Rs 3,000). The ‘staring into the headlight' punishment is optional as few reports suggest, but wonder why people would chose it over paying a fine.

A similar initiative that was taken back in 2014 received criticism, but this time, response was positive. There were even a few comments that read "Am I the only one who thought a minute was too short?" and "selfish, inconsiderate drivers" on the social media pages.

Also, the punishment did get its fair share of negative feedback like one comment that read "This is a human rights violation" and a few who were bothered about people whose eyes might get damaged. But hey, the punishment was for the person who did not bother about another's eye, right?

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