Drivers Take A Freaky Step To Avoid Cars Using High Beam

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A few days ago, we reported the extreme measures, rather a punishment the Chinese have implemented to discourage drivers using high beams. They simply had to make offenders sit and stare at lights that are on full beam.

Now, the Chinese have literally taken a ‘freaky' step to avoid drivers tailgating them with their car's high beam on. Drivers are buying scary decals that are visible only when the tailgating car's lights are on full beam.

The decals feature ghosts, monsters, and spirits from Hollywood movies and from other eastern films.

The idea will surely scare the living daylights, or rather the full beams out of the driver tailgating, but that has not sat very well with the cops. They are now being fined.

The makers of these stickers claim that the ghostly figures are visible only at night when a car's high beam is on and not otherwise. Whatever it be, the decals are hot selling.

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