Watch An 8,000hp Car Pull Off A Perfect Wheelie

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For the uninitiated, drag racing seems to be a race to get to the other end as fast as possible. However, those who've raced will tell you a different story of how just a single error or bit of hesitation could cost you the race.

One of the craziest forms of drag racing is called Funny Car racing. Funny cars may look somewhat like a normal car you and I would see on the road, but the engines powering these cars are absolute beasts producing at average 8,000hp.

Driving one of these nitromethane powered beasts in this video is two-time Funny Car champ Cruz Pedregon. Pedregon's rival (car on the right) clearly suffered some car problems allowing him to blast forward to what seemed like an easy win.

The unpredictable nature of drag racing and the nitromethane drinking beasts then reared its head, quite literally. Pedregon's car bucked into the air, by lobbing its front wheels up into the air.

However, Pedregon showed an insane amount of courage as he kept his foot planted to the floor as he pulled of what can only be described as the best wheelie we've seen in a while now.

Pedregon eventually bought his car to a halt, a bit winded but having won his race.

We at DriveSpark do doff our hats to Pedregon for having the courage to keep on going despite coming very close to being taken up the stairway to petrolhead heaven.

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