Different Types Of Car Number Plates In India Explained

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Have you ever noticed a car on the road with a red number plate with golden letters or a blue number plate with a weird registration number? You must have also noticed vehicles that have arrows pointing upward in the number plate. Have you ever wondered why they have such number plates?

If you have, here is a look at different types of number plates that are used in India, and on what vehicles they are supposed to be used on. Anything apart from this list is just an illegal number plate and could get you into serious trouble with the law.

White Number Plate

A white number plate with black letters is the most common type of number plate in India. This type of number plate is used for private vehicles. Cars with such plates is to be used for private use only, and not for commercial purpose, like ferrying tourists and charging them.

Yellow Number Plate

The yellow number plate is the second most seen on the road, which has numbers written in black. Vehicles with yellow plates mean it is a commercial vehicle, like for example taxis. Such plates will have a different tax structure and RTO rules compared to the regular white plate.

Black Number Plate With Yellow Writing

Black number plates with yellow writing are also on the increase and these plates are issued to car or bike rental companies. Vehicles with this combination usually denote self driving rental cars or motorcycles.

Number Plate With Upward Pointing Arrow

Probably the next common board one would see. The number plate will have a series of numbers, some small, some big, and with an alphabet towards the end. These vehicles belong to the defence. The Army registration denotes the class of the vehicle, its base, and the year the Army procured the particular vehicle, along with its serial number.

Red Board With White Writing

This is also a common sight in the modern world as many buy cars. The red registration board with white writing is a temporary registration for a brand new vehicle. When a new car is bought, the showroom will register the car temporarily, until you register the car after paying the road tax. Some states however, do not allow vehicles with the temporary board to be used on the road. The temporary registration is valid for one month.

Blue Number Plate With White Writing

A blue number plate with white numbers is a car that belongs to a foreign mission, for example, United Nations, Diplomatic Corps or Consular Corps. If a car has a blue number plate that reads 01 CC 1A 0001, the first two digits refer to the country, and CC refers to Consular Corps.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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